About Us

Two winters ago, Bhargavi was gifted with a foot cushion from Japan. Common to Japan’s Kutsurogi lifestyle, the cushion was cozy, warm and felt like a hug for her feet. It instantly solved her year round issue of cold feet. 

Bhargavi raved about the foot cushion with her colleagues Connie and Vanessa, who tried it on and experienced the same foot bliss. In that moment, they knew that had to share this cozy comfort with the world. 

The Kushie was born! 

On the road or at home, The Kushie is for all those moments in life when that lil’ extra cozy goes a long way. It also makes the perfect gift for a loved one who has cold feet or simply enjoys being cozy. 
Bhargavi, Connie and Vanessa helm LuxStory, a creative agency passionate about empowering BIPOC and women in business.