Toronto Star

How Scarborough’s Bhargavi Varma created the Kushie, a hug for your feet.

Wearing a sweatshirt that blares the words “We’re the Ones Who Your Parents Worried About,” with her lush pandemic-time locks giving Very Good Hair Day vibes, Bhargavi Varma leans back on a sofa in her Summerhill home to talk feet with me.

Specifically, the toe-warmers that have become a calling of late. The self-starter behind The Kushie — think of it like a hug for your feet — says the idea was first planted during a trip to Japan. Visiting her brother, who lived there at the time, she got gifted a similar cushion. “It is common in Japan ... the ways of heating varies there, and it is a part of the Katsurogi lifestyle (similar to hygge — the Danish philosophy of comfort).

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